Meet the Comittee

team member

Hi I'm Sunho, a second year engineer at Christ's. I am half-Korean half-Chinese and I love K-pop. If you like IU, maybe we can be friends.

Sunho Kwon
team member

Hey guys I’m Timothy from caius studying land economy. I’m born and bred in Hong Kong and a hopeful NBA recruit. I’m super chilled and laid-back so don’t hesitate to say hi. Remember to come to abacus events cuz they’re super fun and we promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Timothy Chan
team member

Hey I'm Katie! I am a second year studying Economics at Murray Edwards college. I was born in China and migrated to the UK in 2010. When I'm not studying or applying to internships, I'm either painting, playing the piano, hanging with friends, or obsessively listening to Taylor Swift. I attended almost every single one of ABACUS's events in my first year of uni and I am super excited to be a part of the committee! Can't wait to have you all in this awesome family.

Katie Yuan
team member

Hey guys! I'm Robbie, a third year in Queens' studying HSPS. I am from Hong Kong and I'm super friendly so don't be shy to say hi! Really excited to see you all next year at our many ABACUS events!

Robbie Chow
team member

Hi everyone! I'm Justin, a second year medic at Trinity. I grew up in London but have family from all over the world. You will probably see me in all sorts of restaurants in Cambridge or in market square as I love enjoying food with friends. I'm excited to meet everyone joining ABACUS at our super fun events!

Justin Ho
team member

Hello! I’m Sze-chin, a second-year lawyer from Fitz. I’m from Singapore & I love memes & market square - If you like them too, let’s be friends!! 🙂

Andrea Ong
team member

Hi I'm Charles, a second year engineer at Homerton, from Hong Kong. You're most likely to find me cycling around Cambridge or chilling by the leisure park near Homerton. I'm proud to be an ABACUS member and am looking forward to all upcoming ABACUS events

Charles Chan